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Sunday, November 23, 2014

10 Minute Sketchs by Joan Tavolott

I know these aren't sketches from home, but they were so much fun to do. This was done at a Dr. Sketchy event ( late yesterday afternoon in NYC. This was the first time I've attended one of these sessions and I went with a group of artists after sketching architecture all day. lol Quite a change! There are similar events held worldwide according to their website. Basically artists come to sketch and models are provided that fit with a particular theme. Yesterday's event theme was "Woman Who Would Be Men, and Men Who Would Be Women." Of course the male model was wearing a slinky beaded dress, long black gloves with fringe, and heels. The female models were both dressed like men from the early 1920s. The poses get a bit risqué at times but it is all in good fun. They started with 1, 2, 3, and 5 minute poses working up to 10 and 15 minute poses.
I used a Tombow marker which bleeds nicely so I could cover a lot quickly.


  1. You did this in ten minutes? Wow!

  2. Now that's definitely a different sketching event to attend. Love your sketches of the day :-)

  3. Thanks, Lia. They warmed us up with a series of very quick sketches. Once we were given 10 minutes it seemed like an eternity. LOL

    Ann, thanks! One of my friends had gone several times and said we had to try it. It was really good sketching practice and you just had to laugh at the models and the poses...and then there was the semi-striptease the guy did at the end. Of course our members were probably the more senior sketchers of the whole group. They have a lot of strange sketching events in NYC.

  4. Wow! These are terrific Joan! I am impressed! I bet it was fun drawing there too!

    1. We had so much fun! They had contests and passed out chocolate cigars too. What could be bad? lol


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