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Sunday, November 30, 2014

10 Minute Sketch, Fire Alarm by Joan Tavolott

Today I went shopping out at an outlet complex. While I was there the fire alarms went off and we had to evacuate the store I was in. I used the time to do several sketches standing outside the store. I had a pen but no sketchbook. Instead I used a few coupon pages at the back of the outlet coupon book I had in my purse. Several emergency vehicles were in the parking lot. I did the ink sketch on location and painted it when I got home. It helped make the sketch stand out a bit more. No, that isn't fire behind the firetruck. I was going for a light brown color for the trees but it came out a bit dark and I couldn't get it to lighten up on this paper. lol


  1. This is such a good example of making do, and making art everywhere with anything! So kool!

  2. Lynn, thanks. You had to see me scavenging in my bag for something to sketch on. lol I should know to always be prepared. I had planned to sketch some people later after shopping, but this opportunity presented itself and I couldn't resist. My only other paper was in my checkbook.


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