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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Still life, Spring Summer Autumn Harvest, by Elaine (jaguarish)

I've had this pineapple top growing roots in an old jelly jar since spring, a pumpkin that grew unexpectedly in my garden (which I will always associate with autumn even though they seem to grow all the time here) and some new mangoes representing the start of summer.  Also, as I'm running out of steam with Inktober's "one drawing a day" my idea was to use ink other than my usual drawing pens, and get in some practise with my markers (Faber Castell Pitt brush pens).  Come to think of it my last proper drawing with these pens might have also been a pineapple top...!


  1. I know what you mean about running out of steam. I am half way thru my challenge to paint 30 nutcrackers in 30 days ACEO size. LOL. This still life is great! Thanks for including the photo so we can see the inspiration for the painting.

  2. Elaine, nice still life! I like the way you did the big squash. The ink lines work well for that.

  3. This is simply stunning to my eye! I love the tall pineapple towering over the pumpkin and mangos. The yellow of the mangos brightens the whole mix. Great use of both pen and brush!


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