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Monday, October 20, 2014

Still Life and Stacks, Lynn Cohen

My still life is an old ship wreck found on the Isle of Aran in Ireland a week or so ago.  We walked all around this island after being brought there by boat from Doolin, Ireland, a very small village we fell in love with there. I loved the stone walls and rocks here by the sea side. (which could qualify for our "stacks" theme of a week ago.) 

This is Matteo from Italy we met on our walk, and who wanted to take a photo of me drawing the ship. My husband took a photo of him taking a photo of me drawing! Fun memories of the day.


  1. Great drawing of the ship Lynn and I love how F. captured this photo.

  2. What a great photo. Did you know the people in it?

  3. Hi Erika....that is Lynn, who runs this blog, sitting drawing. Lynn really looks like she is in the 'zone' of drawing doesn't she and seems unaware of the guy with the backpack photographing her.

  4. Was someone taking a photo of your hubby taking a photo of Matteo taking a photo of you sketching? LOL Nice job on the worn, broken look to the ship. You must have had a great time. I've enjoyed seeing what you've posted. I've been slowly posting all my sketches from my trip too.

    1. Joan, you are so funny, but we did have that thought ourselves!!!!!!!!!! It is funny this! Glad you like the ship. I am still adjusting to the return home although it's been six days now. I just got my energy back, and went back to work today too. Just a few clients as I ease in slowly. I did a blog post about our stay in Doolin, Ireland just now with photos. Check it out if you like

      Thanks Ann for helping Erika there.


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