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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stacks, Otto espresso maker, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Maybe this doesn't look quite like a stack but I wanted to squeeze in one last post to the theme before it's over.  (Been super busy with the kids' school term starting, and lots of urban sketching, plus -- did you know it's inktober?!)

This is a drawing I did while enjoying my complimentary coffee at Merlo Coffee, where I'd ordered a new 1kg bag of beans this morning.  The symbol for the Otto espresso maker looks like a stack of donuts, as a simplified representation of the real thing, which is what made me realise I had just drawn a stack.  :)  If you have a good imagination you can also see me in the drawing, because my reflection is in the middle of all that chrome.

In case you are curious, the Otto is inspired by the iconic espresso maker, the Atomic.  Here is an image of them side by side:


  1. How cool is that! And it could qualify as a still life as well, right? Love the reflections in the pot.

  2. Good job...and I do see you. Also one part of the expresso maker is stacked on the other.

  3. Elaine, this is such a cool drawing! I love your lines, and how you've worked your reflection into the drawing.

  4. Am so loving these outsidethebox stacks! Yours are super cool! Yes, I found you in that reflection too!

  5. maybe we should have "coffee" as a theme!


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