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Monday, September 8, 2014

rubber boots and flowers, Laurie McKnight,

A dear friend has left this world, she had a pair of old rubber boots on her stoop filled with flowers all summer, 
A watercolor painting in my journal.


  1. Such a nice way to remember her and such a fun painting.

  2. Ah, I am so sorry... ((HUGS)) You will miss her so much. May God comfort you as you grieve. I love your painting--such a sweet memorial, your words are perfect.

  3. Sorry about the loss of your friend, but it sounds like you have great memories of her. Love the bright greens and yellows tucked into the boots.

  4. How well I understand this Laurie, as you well know. I love how you captured this beautiful memory of your dear friend. Especially in the shine on the rubber boots!

  5. The rubber boots talk to you every time you see them.

  6. How beautiful but endearing memories for you my dear friend. Great work you have done. Beautiful!


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