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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life Events/Everyday Life, shopping, Ann Hyde

We'll, we all have to shop, don't we. On this occasion husband had gone for a stroll around the shops...I stayed in the car and sketched.  Something of an everyday event for us - shopping.


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  2. I try again. I wrote a wrong comment on a wrong place, But first I wrote here a comment and it did disappear! I hope this will be right! You did right, Ann, when you stayed in the car and sketced, now also we others can enjoy your shopping tour and see, how beautiful you have there in your town!.

  3. Your sketch is amazing. It must be lovely to draw a scene like that in such detail.

  4. Love the view from your car! Great sketch!!

  5. Thanks so much Sirkka, Teresa and Sandee. I hadn't realised I was drawing so much detail Teresa. I started with the church and then worked everything gradually from that. Ended up getting a little carried away with it, in the zone as they say, but loving every minute of it....ann :-)


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