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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life events, wandering the city centre, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Today I was due to meet up with a good friend who lives an hour's drive away (so we don't see each other so often and need to schedule our meetups).  I went into town an hour early and did a series of mini-sketches of whatever caught my fancy as I wandered around.  Usually when I do this, it just looks like a jumble of disconnected drawings, but this time I alternated techniques (ink only, or watercolour) and also allowed some images to overlap, and this seems to have pulled the page together better!

Anyway, that was a long way of saying, this is what I did for an hour in the city.  :)


  1. Love this certainly works extremely well putting different techniques together.

  2. You did it so well, Elaine! I am allways so curious to see, how it looks around where each one of our group is living and working. It is so exotic to see palms and beautiful buildings from your part of the world.

  3. I really like these random impressions of the city. Your architectural detail is gorgeous.

  4. Thanks all, I remember so much more from my day when I've done some drawings, even if small details instead of a whole scene. I guess it's a little like when people collect ticket stubs and brochures from their travels!


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