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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Life Events, Lynn Cohen

We have been traveling in Germany, and Austria this week. The top drawing is part of the Burghausen castle, 1000 years old. We have walked the length, up , down and around it, numerous times, and I stop to rest and draw different places and views. 

The second drawing was done yesterday on the Kongsee Sea in Austria, with two friends from Sketchbook Skool, Heidi Likar and Jutta Wenz. Heidi draws and posts here too.

Third drawing also done with these two wonderful women at the sea side, and while I was adding paint to my drawing it started to rain. They held an umbrella over me and my art journal so I could finish painting. Then they carried the open journal for me to let it dry before we caught our boat back to the other side and our car, what fantastic friends to do such a thing! Thanking them here again.

My life events are numerous and all worthy of drawing right now as we are on this journey.


  1. Oh how wonderful these dear people did what they did for you during the rain.

    So nice to know your special isn't it Lynn. Oh you must be having a wonderful time. You deserve it.

  2. What lovely friends to have held the umbrella for you whilst you finished your painting. So good to see your paintings from your travels.

  3. The castle painting is fantastic. I love that you are showing your vacation through your art. Blessings, Janet, PPF

  4. Thanks, we are really enjoying our travels beyond our wildest dreams. And drawing it all is extra special too!


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