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Monday, July 21, 2014

"Wyoming Horse From Photo and Cat from Life", Wildlife, Lynn Cohen

We drove through Wyoming last year or was it the year before on our way to the Buffalo Roundup in South Dakota? I took a photo of this horse in a pasture. I used it today for what started out to be a one liner contour drawing. Then I added some cross hatching and other lines for the things around the horse. (background) The mane however is all part of the single line drawing. Painted with
Schmenkte watercolors. Uni Ball Vision Elite pen, black ink, water soluble. I sure like how this pen flows. And if you wait for it to dry it doesn't run with water. But when it does it doesn't bother me much.

After finishing the horse painting I went hunting for my cat. I thought I'd catch him asleep where I'd last seen him. But he was up. He wanted attention. He said hi to dad then looked like he wanted to get on my lap, but I let him know or he surmised that I was drawing so he settled for dad's lap. I got him first looking at me quickly (one eye), then walking way from me, (rear view), then on dad's lap staring at me with his LOOK, and finally asleep on dad's belly. All this in a matter of minutes.

(apologies for the blurry look here. I re did scan and photo but they are looking blurry to me, maybe it's my eyes?)


  1. Beautiful horse you did with background and for front. Thumbs up.

    . Oh glad your cat was enjoying his comfort. Oh that look he gave was pretty direct. Tee, hee . Nice sketch #2 Lynn as well.

  2. Great job on the horse contour drawing!!! Love the sketches of the cat...even the one of him walking away!

  3. Thanks Carol Ann and Joan. Glad you like these!


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