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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wild Life, The Owls, Sirkka Jalava

It has been very hot here in july so I have not been able to do so much. And of course I have spent more time with children and grandchildren. It has been a good bath weather, so beach life has been prefered. To day is the last day for the wild life sketches. I wish to add my owl among the others, I have done this in december 2013 in watercolors.

Also this little owl in the moonlight is made in december.


  1. Your owls are a cheery welcome, Sirkka! Beautifully painted. the second one adorable. They look like they belong with mine as family!

    1. Yes, Lynn, they belong to one big family with your cute owls I think too! Thank you!

    2. I love both of your owls, yours Sirkka and yours Lynn!

    3. Thank you Margaret for my owls and for Lynns owl I am sure she will thank you too!


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