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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wildlife, Karroo Said Where Has Everyone Gone

I painted the kangaroo   water paint and also did the Kangaroo using Derwent Inktest   that Jez sent me over a month ago.

I have no idea what  there is in Australia  other then I guess some mountains and some sand and not much flowers mostly bits of greens and some weeds. So I did one Kangaroo with her baby in the pouch.   


  1. Love your kangaroo painting Carol Ann. Well done. (oh, can I remind you to add the Label at the bottom Carol Ann - just put: Wildlife, Carol Ann Henstra ) I'll add it for you this time. cheers ann :-)

  2. I should of done my background first. As my little lady K is too white around. Then it was hard to paint around. Of course I did not know what I was going to do with background.

    How does anyone else do that? Any tips I could use. Thank you.

  3. This kangaroo looks like he's ready to hop around. Nice!


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