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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Theme: Wildlife, suggested by Ann Hyde STARTS TODAY!

Today starts our next new theme: Wildlife suggested by Ann Hyde. Draw from your imagination, from a photo you took of wildlife in your travels, use non copyrighted photos to be found on our sidebar that some of us took to share, or from the photo site we offer as well.

Have fun.

This bit of wild life is a local mule in the outskirts of my town, Vacaville, CA. I think we met up with him on Pleasants Valley Road last year some time.

I drew him the other night with a Uni Ball Vision Elite pen, and then colored him with water soluble Prismacolor colored pencils. I did dry/wet/dry.

He was a very friendly mule who came galloping down that green grassy slope to come chat with us at the fence.

My photos and then drawings help me remember fun days like that.
The day we met the mule!


  1. What a great painting of this mule Lynn. They are wonderful animals, and very intelligent (unlike the saying: 'stubborn as a mule').

  2. I love this mule! He's got personality!

  3. Such a fabulous drawing of the mule you met

  4. I love this mule. Very cute.

  5. He looks like a sweetie! Nice sketch of him.

  6. oh this Mule is a sweet, adorable guy or gal it sure looks at you this way. I love how you did this.

    Thumbs up ! I want to pat him. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. He does look friendly! I think he's smiling for you in case you have a treat.

  8. Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed my mule drawing. It's a nice memory keeper of a fun drive and day.


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