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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buildings Around the World, Ferry Terminal by Joan Tavolott

Today was the 44th Worldwide Sketchcrawl. I joined the NYC Urban Sketchers in Hoboken, NJ today. Hoboken is just across the river from Manhattan and has some really nice views of the city.
One of the sketches I did today was of part of the Hoboken Ferry Terminal.


  1. What a lovely building and painting. Sounds so nice to be part of Sketch Crawl :-)

  2. This is a grandious ferry terminal made by you, Joan! You have got a big deal of details with in your painting. Great!

  3. Thanks Ann! It is really a lot of fun to sketch with other people and see how they interpret the same scene, or even what they focus on in the same area.

    Sirkka, thank you. The ferry terminal has great details inside and out.

  4. That must be fun to draw with other artists in the city. Your building here is majestic looking to me. You drew it proud.


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