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Monday, July 7, 2014

Buildings around the world, Cowsheds, Sirkka Jalava

I am lazy now in the hot summer weather. Therefore I take again an older sketch of buildings I have made earlier. I love to do cowsheds.  So I have taken photos on my walks and have painted some.

It is winter and summer paintings (as you see of course). Lynn and Ann, if they are too many, please you can take some away!


  1. There are never too many drawings Sirkka, it's lovely to see them. Interesting to see how different these barns are too.

    1. Thank you, Ann, my heart is lighter now. Yes, they are different, materials, using, size are different. Nowadays there are no animals in three of them, in the first there are som young creature. I would love to see cows outside in the summer!

  2. Sirkka, it is nice to see a collection of lovely cowsheds! You did a lovely job on them.

    1. Thank you, Joan! I think it is not a daily ware to see in contexts like this:) I am glad you like them.


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