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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Musician, Music and Musicians, Lynn Cohen

There is only one musician in our home, and that's him. I am  his official Listener. I took a photo of him on my iPad the other night and drew from the photo for this one. I've been doing that a lot over at Sketchbook Skool (the portraits I've been drawing can be seen on my blog at over the past two weeks posts, and I'll add more probably tomorrow or Thursday. Dogs have been popping up in those drawings a lot lately too.

I'm enjoying everyone's music themed drawings here very much. Glad to see so much activity happening here and still more new artists asking to join and posting! It's all good.


  1. This is SO good Lynn. You capture likeness so well.

  2. My best friends hubby from N.B play guitar and banjo and he pays bluegrass music. He played to me over Skype. His wife payed guitar.

    His brother mailed me a DVD of bluegrass Songs and hymns they recorded. So nice music from all parts of the world. Your sketch is nice Lynn.

    When I went to Halifax there was a park. I stood and watched them all playing standing with my feet tapping. Two ladies came over and taught
    me to dance steps to it. Boy they whirl you around. I loved it. . My hubby took a video of me. My kids when I got home. Said . Mom is that you dancing in the park in public. That was many years ago but i will never forget the friendly people and Musicians.

    So good for your hubby. I applaud him. Blue grass music and country are my thing. Can you dance Lynn to the bluegrass music or anyone?

    1. Well, Carol Ann, I might twirl around a bit in the privacy of my own living room from time to time, but mostly I just sit and listen.
      I'm glad you let yourself go in the park, that sounded like fun.

  3. Great sketch of him!!! I love the look of concentration on his face. I admire anyone who can play an instrument and sing...I don't do either, although I do sing along with the car radio when I am alone. lol It is great that so many people are participating over here.

    1. Thanks Joan. I too sing where no one else can hear me!

  4. That's pretty good Lynn...:)) actually is REALLY good and resembles your hubby very well. I can hear him sing still. :)

  5. Very nice, Lynn! I love the concentration on his face, too, and the details you've done around him: on the chair, the CD cases, etc.

  6. Lynn, great sketch of your husband singing to you! Lovely.


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