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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Music & Musicians, Scheherazade by Margaret Coote

Jez has inspired me with her musical memories and Carol Ann with her wonderful imagined scenes. This is an imagining of Scheherazade. I know she was a storyteller, maybe she sang her tales, too? 
Scheherazade is one of my favorite pieces of music, one that always paints pictures in my head. 


  1. oh very well done Margaret.. Thank you for comments to me as well as Jez. Jez inspires me. Her being not well and she still continues to get many of her art to the site here. She is a trooper.

    Looks like you did a torn page or this was intentional to be that way on picture. Great.

  2. Nice piece, Margaret. I love her pose and her comfort with the musical instrument.

  3. When I saw this it made me think of remnants of ancient wall paintings, and it adds so much to the story. I wonder if this is what you were aiming at and is the answer to Carol's question.
    Lovely imagining and sketching. I am sure she must have sung, such a clever lady she was.
    Today I shall dig out the CD AND HAVE A HAPPY DAY LISTENING TO THE MUSIC AGAIN. (Sorrt, didn't intend the capitals).

  4. I love her pose and the background of the images she is thinking about. The torn page is evocative.

  5. It also tells us we can draw on anything anywhere and make awesome art!

  6. Thanks everybody! I think I wanted to draw on brown paper, and I just tore a piece off a big roll that I have. I was telling myself "just have fun with this" and the torn, casual nature of the paper helped with that. And I like how it looks with her!

  7. The Sheherazade is a beautiful piece. Your drawing is illustrating it so good. I remember, that when I was taken piano lections for ages ago this was one of the pieces I was supposed to practise, surely in very simple arrangement. No, I don´t play piano now, I have forgotten everything and sold my piano too.

    1. Thank you, Sirkka! And how great that you still remember playing Scheherazade, and that you love the piece.


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