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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Music and Musicians, Trad Music in Ireland by Joan Tavolott

Today was a busy day of outdoor painting for me (see my blog if interested), so I am going to use one of my sketches done in Ireland last year for today's post.

In the evenings there was almost always a fun pub with live music playing. This was sketched while we listened to some traditional musicians. I love that this group started with two musicians and as the night went on more musicians joined in. They even invited a woman that was sitting next to us at the bar to join them. She played the clarinet in an orchestra and had it in her hotel room so she could practice while she was away from home. She went to the hotel to get it. 

Jez, the drummer in the left corner was playing the traditional Irish drum that you mentioned, the bodhran. I wish I had sketched more of the instrument but my view was blocked.


  1. I noticed the Bodhran straight away Joan! How coincidental that it was there. So good that you have actually heard it.
    I love the sketches am
    Nd the way you have placed them on the page.

    1. Don't know what happened with 'and' in the message, but my ipad locks up if I try to delete or change.

    2. I hate when you see your mistake and you can't edit it once it is posted.

      The musicians were seated in a circle while they were playing. I started with one and kept adding another as more musicians joined the group.

  2. I was so sure I had left a comment here before? I must have come looking and .... ? Who knows, but here I am again. I love the Irish music fest and feel as though I am actually there. The Bodhran drum is wonderful to hear! Love all your musicians!!! Really well done.


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