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Monday, June 9, 2014

Music and Musicians, Saxophone Player by Joan Tavolott

There is a local bar here that has a big band play once a month. There are a lot of brass instruments in the band. My friend and I went last year to hear them. I did some sketches but seeing that they were done in a dark bar they were very minimal. I used one of the sketches as a reference for this and then looked at saxophone player images on line to try and get the lines of the instrument similar.


  1. Very nice saxophon player, Joan! Big band music is so enjoyable music.

  2. Thanks, Sirkka. It was fun to sit in a crowded place filled with so many energetic musicians.

  3. So well done. Nice that you take time to research your drawings! Excellent pose!

    1. LOL The instrument in the original sketch barely resembled a sax. I definitely needed to research the shape. Thanks.


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