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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I scream for Ice -cream do you at times ? Carol Ann

I am not really allowed ice-cream so I think my memories dwells back when my dad bought me Ice cream cone on the way to the cottage. 

Back then they did give you mounts .  And cheap. 

Oh yes. I had it all over my face and on me. He used to with Mom take me to a Ice-Cream parlor and I sat on a stool  like this.
Memories are golden. 

I did  find a Gluten free Ice -cream only on a Popsicle stick and a smidch  of chocolate to give me  the edge of sweetness  now and again . The calories are high as my ice cream dip.
Shown in my sketch.

Water painted  today using  help in areas with  my markers. 


  1. Cute sketch! Ice cream was always a fun treat. I can remember going to the candy store in town to get ice cream cones for the family. Each cone was wrapped in a waxy paper and then put into a paper bag. It always amazed me that it didn't melt at all before we walked home.

  2. Your cute drawing brings back lots of ice cream memories from the chocolate dipped Foster Freeze softies in my childhood to the Fenton's hot fudge sundaes I ate up to one year ago when I stopped refined sugars, dairy, etc to become vegan! My only chocolate now is the occasional 85% dark chocolate bite! Thanks for the memories.

  3. Great stories from everyone, I guess we all DO like ice cream!


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