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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Daily Life, Radio, Jez Eden

Pitt Pens and Inktense Pencils - Jez
I bought a new digital radio for the kitchen a few weeks ago, and am so pleased with it that I later bought another, different one, for the living room.  The reception for Classic FM is not very good on my old radios and I have to say there is a big improvement with the new radio.  I am so pleased with it, and it is proving even more useful than I expected at the moment.

I know old people go on and on about their health issues, but I mention a current problem so that if I am absent from PPP&P from time to time you will know it is not because of choice.

On Sunday evening I suddenly got excruciating pains in my back, which got worse on Monday and Tuesday - couldn't sit, stand, lie or walk.  Managed to get a doctor's appointment 5 pm on Tuesday.  She thinks some bones in my spine have crumbled a bit causing the pain and has given me various pills including Diazapam to try to reduce the pain, which are working a bit.  She even faxed the X-Ray department which she said is unusual to do but wanted and X-ray urgently, so that will be done on Friday.  Anyone in England will know how unusual that is!

So I'm not moaning, doing my best to keep going, other people have worse problems.  The doctor said the pills will Zonk me out (good medical term), but in between I shall hope to sketch at least once a day.  Dev says whenever I talk about PPP&P my eyes light up and I look happier, and will try to keep me going.  But if I'm not here, I shall miss you.   Jez


  1. Jez, I hope you feel better soon! Scheherazade will definitely help. Glad you got a good radio, it is such a joy isn't it? And I love your sketch of it, beautiful colors and shading.

  2. Jez many years ago I suffered same pains. Mine turned out I had stones 30. I asked if I could keep them if I had to have my g.bladder out. I had 30 who would believe it. So after operation he brought them in a jar. It looked like large gravel stones on a driveway. It was really amazing as how it did cause pain so much.

    I had one specialist pushed and prod around my body with his hands and gave me pain killers. Oh it was hurting bad as he did that. I even had sharp pains like an heart attack. . First one said no,no you don't have Gallstones. I said I do. So doc sent me for second opinion as she knew deep down I had stones. . Second one said. Your in gal for the operation. He had all the tests back and it came up . An operation.

    My daughter had same problems and she passed kidney stones. Similar pains. May you get results back quickly.

    Nice sketch and writing as well. You take care my friend. If it occurs the pain again you will know. I back then felt like I was in labor having contractions.

  3. Love the look of your new radio, great drawing and journal page of it. So sorry that you are not well. Back problems, I sympathise with, I get lower back trouble every so's 'horrible!!!' ....Hope you feel better very soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about your pain Jez. Hope you find some relief soon and the sketching helps distract your mind a bit. Love the radio.

  5. Jez, sorry to hear about your pain. Maybe when you have the X-ray done they will be able to figure out how to treat you best. Come and visit us when you're not "zonked out." Looks like a nice radio!!!

  6. Jez, I hope your pain is over soon and you can again enjoy your new radio and come back with us.

  7. Oh jez, do be careful! I am so, so, so very sorry this is happening. I'm sending very gentle hugs, and chicken soup! Get your rest ! We love you and your art here, so if and when you can! Glad your neatly drawn radio is giving you some pleasure!

  8. Great drawing, hope you can join us again soon. Take care of yourself!


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