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Friday, May 30, 2014

Daily Life, Plein Air Painting by Joan Tavolott

I usually get out to sketch or paint en plein air most I didn't because I spent the day with some non-art friends. So when I got home tonight I sketched this from a photo someone took of me plein air painting last September.


  1. Sorry you couldn't get out to paint today but I'm sure you had a lovely time, even if they were "non-art" friends. :) Nice painting of you.

  2. Your painting is lovely. She wanted to learn plain air painting?

  3. It is easy to see that when you are not acyually painting your mind is still drawing and painting as you get on with the more mundane tasks of life. Lovely sketch.

  4. This is such a lovely depiction of you and your painting!

  5. Thanks Jacqui, Sirkka, Jez, Ann, Carol Ann, Margaret!

  6. You look like a little girl in this! Your YOUNG SPIRIT coming through! Really nice painting of you painting! Love it!


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