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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daily Life, Method of Transportation by Joan Tavolott

I am forever driving around in my Sentra to all the locations I got to for sketching and painting.
But it is fun to see the other vehicles that people drive. I needed to sketch a truck for EDM (Every Day in May) today so I to find one on my way to the hairdresser this morning (cut and color). I passed a lot of boring, no character trucks before finding this rusty red truck in Blue Point. Believe it or not this was on the lawn as a decoration in front of a local restaurant. The side of the truck had a big sign that said "White Horse Tavern."


  1. Glad you got it from the front. Although being retired as advertizement might not be all bad!

  2. I love your truck! It has tons of personality. I want to see it bigger! :)

  3. Good find, love this, Joan!

  4. Love your truck Joan make it bigger. I bet it will look even better when you bring it zoomed in for the eyes to see.


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