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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daily Life, Chris's Boat by Joan Tavolott

Every Wednesday evening the Patchogue Sketch Club meets at a local spot.
This week we met at a marina where one of the woman keeps her sailboat.
It was a nice spot and the sunset should have been wonderful, but it was overcast and cold. We were all bundled up in winter coats and sitting in the open hatchbacks of people's cars to stay out of the wind! Hopefully spring will be back soon.


  1. Joan, you did such a lovely view of this sailboat despite the cold! I love the texture of the boards, and the way the boat's nose is tucked in under the pier.

  2. So excellent painting of the boat and pier and the texture of the boards and poles.It is really cold now here too and I hope the weather is becoming warmer again. My plant pots must stay in the greenhouse now.

  3. Thanks, Margaret! Chris said that now her husband wants her to do a pastel of the boat. She hasn't tried doing it yet. lol

  4. Considering the cold weather, you managed a lovely painting Joan.

  5. Thanks Sirkka! We had warm weather for a few days but then it got cold again. Today it was back to is strange weather.

    Ann, I've been sketching out in all kinds of weather so I go prepared. Thanks.

  6. Awesome sketch Joan the dock boards are right on and posts.


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