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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daily Life, Bubbling Ideas, Jez

One of the things that is irritating me most at the moment is the fact that in my daily life my mind is always bubbling away with dozens of ideas, and at the moment I am not able to take them on to the next stage.  Today I was determined to try:

So this was the simple idea that was taking shape in my mind.  The logistics of trying to take it to the next stage were difficult, but Dev went and found me some pre-gelliprinted pages, glue, scissors and coloured pencils, 'cushion-type desk-tray', PPP&P sketchbook …… and anything else I called for.

Not easy, but I managed this, and once again concentration helped with the pain.

The background colour is not quite true, it is really rather nice shades of sea-green/turquoise.  I tore a rectangle of gelliprinted paper with the aid of a ruler (about 4" x 6") and stuck it to the sketchbook page.  Then collaged on the cut pieces for the windmill petals and the leaves, with a little added coloured pencil decoration.  Good enough for the first realisation of the idea, and one day I shall be able to take the idea further.

Very tired now and pain pretty bad, just had latest lot of pills and am going to fall into bed with my lovely hot-water bottle on my back.  I love everything you are doing dear friends, even if I can't comment much.  Thank you for your comments, they keep me going.


  1. Dear Jez, your beautiful flower and your words this morning are so inspiring to me. Sometimes a large part of my "daily life" consists in having all of these bubbling thoughts and not doing any of them because of one negative thought or another, sometimes swirls of them. To see you so determined to realize them no matter what is such a comfort to me, and an impetus (others might call it a "kick in the pants" :) ) Thank you! And hugs to you!

  2. Nice. I am glad you pushed yourself. The flower came out wonderful.

  3. Sending you healing thoughts and pain free days. You are a determined person and thumbs up to you. Love your flower.

  4. Your flower reminds me of quilting. I'm glad you got your idea down and it looks great. I hope you will get some relief from the pain soon.

  5. Thanks for sharing your idea with us! I agree with Melisa that it looks like quilting. I'm glad being creative took your mind off the pain for a while. Too bad we can't bottle that for you. All the best!

  6. Jez, I am here to read what you all have to post to day even if I have not had time and energy to sketch anything myself now. I am so sad that you have such pains. But with your will you make your ideas to come true. Just like this beautiful flower. I admire your ambition and send hugs and my thoughts of healing to you and hope you are getting better with the time.

  7. I thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments - you are all a good part of what keeps me going. XX

  8. I'm so glad you found the strength to have some fun with this delightful creation. The blue lines remind me of thread stitches and perhaps an applica for an art quilt wall hanging. Hoping this pain you speak of gets under control before too long.


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