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Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Contented Cat", Animals, Lynn Cohen

At Sketchbook Skool we are doing a lot of gesture and contour drawings of animals this week. Not sure which this might be, but a quickly drawn sketch to be sure. Hope you can see the joy Henry is feeling from his "dad's" hands.


  1. Great sketch, it's always amazing what this type of sketching produces, and there is great liveliness here and I can see the communication going on between the cat and the person. You are having a very interesting journey on your course.

  2. That's a very contented kitty!

  3. I can hear him purring. :) they love that attention.

  4. Both of them look like they are happy with the situation. Nice gesture sketch.

  5. Aw Henry :) I love how his face is crumpled up from the pressure between him and his dad's hand… :)


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