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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Animals, Tree Frog by Melisa McCurley

I had a little battle over the lawn chair with this tree frog. I moved the chair into the sun to prop my feet in and, after snapping his photo with my tablet, gently nudged him onto the ground underneath so he wouldn't fry. He promptly jumped back up onto the chair and in a few minutes he jumped onto my leg. I nudged him off. He jumped back on. So then I walked over into the shade, with him clinging to my leg, and nudged him off there. Ha, I get the chair! I guess he didn't realize he was supposed to be afraid of humans. He was just about an inch and a half long, so much smaller than I've sketched him.


  1. Melisa, he is so cute. And I love that he wasn't scared of you! Great colors you've chosen, for the frog and for the shadow.

  2. Maybe he was a prince waiting for his kiss and you missed the boat entirely! Fun story and a really nice watercolor of Mr. Froggy!

    1. Oh shoot, you're right! I should have tried it! DH might not have liked being displaced, though, LOL.

  3. He or she wanted to be immortalized in your wonderful watercolor style. I really like the loose wc feeling and the mixing of colors on the paper. Looks like wet in wet technique? Very pretty.

  4. Melisa, he is so cute! Love the colors and shading on his body. Poor friendly little guy got relocated.

  5. Nice watercolor! The frogs are not so easy to get as model! Nice coloring and shading of it.

  6. oh melisa i couldn't help but find your story fun and very sweet. and good for you you're not scared just this cute guy. great paint!

  7. What a great piece of this frog. Really a very good job. I love frogs. We had one in the backyard that I called Froggy. He's no longer there and I think my husband used his rototiller and now he's gone.:((((( Not sure if that's what happened but I see him no longer. Very nice watercolor.

  8. Lovely watercolour sketch, he looks so plump and real, and I love the shadow too. He may not have been afraid of you, but I think I would have been hopping about myself if he had attached himself to my leg! I enjoyed the story though.


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