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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Animals, sculptures, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Just for fun - here are some thumbnail sketches of animal sculptures from my notebook / journal.

This first one is from a series I did while walking through town to meet up with the Urban Sketchers group in Brisbane.  The "bat in lamp" (bottom right corner of page) is one of a series along Adelaide Street which includes a goanna, snake and possum.  I used to walk from Central Station along the street with my daughter when she was in a stroller or sling, taking her to child care at City Hall, and we would look at the sculptures along the way.  I love the unexpected nature of them, and that you only notice them if you are looking up.

This next one is a trio of kangaroos sculpted by Christopher Trotter, from found metal implements.  You have to imagine the colour -- a darkened bronze.  Two are grazing and one is relaxing on the bench (couldn't fit him on the page).  I love his work!

This last one comprises three views of a crane netsuke (a tiny Japanese carving, traditionally used as a stopper  at the end of a silk rope for the handbag hung from an obi, which in turn is the belt of a kimono...)  I bought this netsuke at the LA County Museum of Art (it is a reproduction).  The brown marks muddling the page are from me playing around with stamps...


  1. Elaine, these are all so very interesting. I love the stories that accompany the art as much as the art! Thanks for sharing.

  2. great studies of these pieces elaine.. good job!

  3. Such interesting sketches, along with fascinating facts. Public sculpture is so intriguing simply because of its accessibility, and the way peole react and interact with it. Your top sketches make me wish I could take that walk and see them all.

  4. Love details. Sketches are gems!Marvellous work!

  5. You have such a variety of lovely sketches here. Nice work on them. I enjoyed the writing about the sketches too.

  6. Your sketches are very interesting and thank you for the info. Nice job.


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