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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Animals, Rabbit by Melisa McCurley

I played with my little set of 12 Derwent Drawing Pencils this morning. I love the softness of these pencils. My set is just earth tones but I'd love to have more colors. I'm not sure if they even come in other colors. The reference photo was from this weeks WDE at wetcanvas, hosted by missswiss.


  1. Beautiful drawing of the rabbit, you have captured his stance and the texture of the fur perfectly.

  2. He is beautiful and I like the mix of colors you used. I have Prismacolor colored pencils in a set of 36 and a set of 24 that are water soluble. I am sure your Dewitt's come in way more colors too. Great job on the rabbit.

  3. The pencils were perfect for the rabbit's fur! Lovely job, Melisa!

  4. oh Melisa very nice. I just got home so trying to see what all you gals have done while I was away for Mothers day.

  5. Beautiful, Melisa, I love his fur, his alert posture and the glint in his eye.

  6. too adorable melisa especially the eyes!


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