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Monday, May 5, 2014

Animals, A kitty for Bubu by Karla B

As I was drawing and painting my cat, my seven-year-old niece kept saying:" Give it to me auntie.It's lovely!"
So it is hers.


  1. How cute! It looks like it should be a greeting card.

  2. This is so gorgeous, love the colours.

  3. She's a lovely cat with such a mischievous expression, all ready for mischief. She makes a purrfect cartoon character, ready for a story to be written about her. I love your choice of colours, but then, the words Colour and Karla always go together perfectly!

  4. A pink cat! Surely, the best kind. And your niece seems to agree. :)

    1. Well, Melisa, she would agree.She's only 7. I guess she is my fan number 1.Besides, I am not good at depicting real life. My drawings always show cartoon characters rather than real people/animals whatever.

  5. Karla, I agree with your niece, the painting is so lovely of this cat!


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