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Friday, May 9, 2014

Animals, "Cartoon: The Mice", Carol Ann

Well Mice are  destructive we know.

This is in the kitchen.  I should call them Tom and Jerry but I wont.

They manage to get in trouble.

Standing on counter the one.
The other one using his tail to do something as the food is coming down.

I used markers and I used a pencil for chicken scratching here and there and a brown pencil.
I used my writing on the so called frig. With my word edit. 


  1. I love your mouse picture! They are so cute. I hate it when my husband puts mousetraps around the house to kill them. Happy PPF

  2. They look like they are fighting the chips. Cute!

  3. They are very busy in the kitchen!

  4. Two mice creating mayhem...and why not indeed. Great imagination Carol Ann.

  5. Oh dear, they are making quite the mess!!!!


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