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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Animals, Carol Ann Henstra

When they said NEUTER   I JUMPED   out of the car.

Mistake.   Never do it.   You end up like Me guys.


Light ink pen and added pencil white for cast and arm sling and then back to pen to darken areas Nose area, top of head.
Scribble here and there for rocker chair.  Sundays post. 


  1. Such a sense of humor! Made me laugh.

  2. Aw, poor guy! And he probably still got neutered, anyway!

  3. Poor dog, such a humoristic sketch!

  4. he reminds me of a cartoon show.. very imaginative you are! :)

  5. Hi Carol Ann. This reminds me of the commercial on TV where the dog jumps out of the car when he finds out where he is going. Tee hee. Poor guy. Very nice job in your drawing.

  6. I'm laughing because I thought it was YOU talking at the top, not the dog! Got me wondering, until I saw the cute drawing below! LOL

  7. Nice touch of humour in your amusing sketch and little intro.


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