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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals, Birds, Jez Eden

'Spring is sprung', Mixed Media, Jez
A very quick sketch today on a gelli-print background, the idea behind it being the little rhyme written on the sketch that my cousin told me when I was very young.


  1. Lovely - the gelli print background gives it great depth :-)

  2. Sweet memory, and delightful spring drawing. Oh that poor cat is being dive bombed it seems by those large birds!!!! Geli printing is such fun.

    1. Glad you see that the pondering cat, all unaware, is going to be dive-bombed. I enjoyed doing this one.
      And thank you Ann, I've barely used the gelli-plate, and am desperate to find time to try it more - who said retirement gives us lots of spare time!

  3. Oh this is very colorful and I like the poem. Poor cat. He is getting bombarded with birds and wings of every directions.

    Nice work Jez

  4. Thank you Carol - yes, I'm feeling a bit guilty about that dopey pink cat now.

  5. Great page! I love the funny little poem and your illustration!

  6. Nice birds with their wings spread! I heard that rhyme as a kid but it ended with "I wonder where the flower is?"


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