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Monday, May 12, 2014

"66 Million Years Extinct", Animals Theme, Lynn Cohen


My third and favorite drawing of the day on Saturday when we went to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to draw is Tyrannosaurs Rex. I would not even have thought to tackle this huge bony creature if our current teacher, Tommy Kane, hadn't drawn one over at Sketchbook Skool. Whatever gave me the courage to try and copy "teacher" I have no idea, but I did. Again, I sat on my little folding chair and drew across two pages, which were not long enough to hold the entire dinosaur. I was counting vertebrae trying to keep up with what my eye was seeing to draw ... The second page (bottom here) has a hind leg that would not fit, laying horizontally, and part of his upper spine which went on for longer than I had paper or time to complete. I also glued my entry ticket to the page after I got home for a memory marker of the day.

What a fun challenge to myself and I offer it up to any of you who have the opportunity to find a museum to draw in.


  1. Bravo, Lynn!!!! This came out fantastic!!! I am so impressed with the size of the drawing and your skill at getting every part done (Yes, I counted all the vertebrae.LOL) Your classes in sketchskool have really spurred you to try new things.

  2. Cool! I've been fascinated with bone drawings ever since I took an anatomy class in preparatory school. Blessings!

  3. Congratulations Lynn, you have done such a great job here. The idea of going to a museum to draw is such a good one.

  4. Here you had so many bones to draw and set them on right places, Lynn! You made a big and great job! Really, its`a good idea to go to a museum and draw there.

  5. Excellent jog Lynn. Especially since you don't erase. Good eye hand coordination.. Cool idea to glue in the entry ticket too. You just went up another level in your sketching. :)

  6. Oops.iPad speak..that was JOB not jog. Lol

  7. Wow, excellent sketching Lynn! It looks like it was a great outing.

  8. Oh my this is really good Lynn. You sure have good eyes to nail every little details. Magnificent!


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