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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Time Away From Home, Santa Fe by Joan Tavolott

On one of our cross-country trips we visited Santa Fe, New Mexico. I loved all the galleries, the adobe homes, the flowers, and the people. I did this from a photo I took on that trip.


  1. More sweet memories, so inviting this abode and it's red flowers!

  2. what a lovely sketch. sounds like you had a nice art filled trip. have a great day~

  3. Lovely sketch and the colours bring the warmth of the south to mind. You have had the most fantastic trips.

  4. An adobe wall is always so warm especially with turquoise. The flowers are a very colorful addition.

  5. Thanks everyone! I really liked Santa Fe when we were there...perfect weather and beautiful country...and those colors they use aren't bad either. lol


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