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Friday, April 11, 2014


Time away from home, Grizedale Forest, Jez Eden

'Giant Woodsman with Axe' - Jez
A4 - Pitt Pen and Coloured Pencils
From my own photograph
We spent a holiday in the Lake District some years ago, one of many such holidays.  On this occasion we visited the Grizedale Forest where large carvings and sculptures were dotted here and there among the trees, and it was a pleasant surprise to suddenly come across something like this Giant Woodsman with his axe in a clearing, made completely from wood.  He was about 12 feet tall, and had been there long enough for the wood to become bleached almost white, though the painted sections still had some colour.  I have coloured him browner than he appears in my photo so that he does look as though he is made from huge logs.  

Sadly the Larch trees in the forest are at present being attacked by a virus or fungus of some kind, which is spreading across Britain.  Hundreds of the Larch trees are being cut down to try to halt the spread.


  1. Awesome drawing Jez. Must have been quite an experience to suddenly look up and see this giant of a man carved from wood in the forest of trees. Admiration for the artist who did this carving too. So sad the trees are being attacked by a virus or fungus. Hope this can be stopped before it does more destruction to the many wonderful trees there.

  2. Ooh, Jez, he is so imposing. Well done. I am sorry about the larch trees!

  3. Great drawing Jez. Hope the trees can be saved. In Texas we had a similar virus a few years ago that wiped out a lot of oaks. We lost two in our yard. I guess it was stopped cause I have not heard much about it lately. Hope Britain has similar luck with the larch trees.

  4. Wonderful sketch of this wooden sculpture! I'm sorry to hear that so many of the trees are being lost to the fungus. I know areas here which have had the same problem and the only solution has been to cut them down.

  5. Wonderful sketch of this tall wooden sculpture. It was surely a great sight so see this sculpture staying there among the trees. Great job carving this. And great painting of it. There is so much to see in our world. I am sorry for the larche trees. I hope it is possible to stop the virus.


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