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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time Away From Home, Bronx Views by Joan Tavolott

On Saturday I met up with the NYC Urban Sketchers at Bronx Community College. At first I didn't think it would be an interesting place to sketch, but I was proved wrong. For most of my sketches I worked directly in watercolor (no pencil first) which is a challenge especially with buildings and architecture. This is the Gould Memorial Library.

Behind the library is a covered walkway which has views looking out over the Bronx and is home to the Hall of Fame of Famous Americans. The entire walkway is lined with busts of famous Americans grouped together by categories. Here is one of my sketches done along the walkway.


  1. These are wonderful, Joan! I love the work you've done without pencil.

  2. Wow, wonderful watercolors.

  3. Beautiful architectural sketches, you have captured the solidity and grandeur so well, and I love the soft colours.

  4. What a gorgeous high domed building. Love your paintings :-)

  5. Wow Joan, I am so very impressed that you were able to neatly capture the structures with your watercolor brush. I will need much more practice to do this that well. These are simply beautiful.

  6. Thanks Margaret, Fran, Jez, Ann, and Lynn! We had a lot of fun there.

  7. I love your paintings too! Amazing job!


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