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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Humans, Activities but more like little creatures thinking like Humans. Carol Ann Henstra

Spring has sprung in this part of the forest . The field mice are just gazing at the forest with knowing  a touch of Spring has sprung.

Background is to look like it is the forest with branches and  a tad of the sky.  I used ink pen. The new one but it was really light so had to darken around the mice with my other ink pen.  Then added some color here and there.

My brown pencil broke  so I tried  to sharpen it but no such luck. Went chalky. Has anyone  got a solution for what kind of pencil sharpener is best?

I have seen these school sharpeners on the walls but not sure if that is the solution or a good hand one.
My pencils since sketching seems to wear down as well. Then as I sharpen. It will break on the one side.



  1. Cute drawing. What I am learning in Sketchbook Skool is that the quality of the pencils can be the cause of how they break when sharpened. Apparently the ones I bought, (not cheap) Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are famous for breaking inside when dropped. So then when you go to sharpen them they break when you reach the lead that got damaged in the fall. Try not to drop your pencils!

    I have an old electric Panasonic pencil sharpener, been in our house for years, and it works fine. That's all I know about pencil sharpeners. You might do a Google search about them.

    Might have something to do with the way you are holding the pencil in your sharpener if one side gets more taken off of it than the other. Just a thought.

  2. You could be right Lynne. I read up on the sharpeners today. They say hand ones are okay and then they had some photos of all. So I will check it out in town. Oh I thought my speakers were broken. I had no sound .Just the cord to replace. . I am so happy. I have been doodling all day in-between my drying time time, and house work.

    I am doing a huge dog and a girl walking him for the animals in May first on. The Monday I go out to another town two hours away .To go see what reports back of hubby's pre-cancer of his scalp. So the treatments look good now they are finished on his scalp. It was caused by the sun when he was young. Years to now showed up. One never knows what to-morrow brings. So live day to day like it is the last day you have. That is all we can do. I will take paper and pencil with me to atleast doodle about waiting..

  3. The mice are adorable! I find my colored pencils break less if I use a hand sharpener then when I use the electric one. They still break pretty often, though. A sandpaper block (sold in the art supply section) works well for sharpening, too. Cheaper pencils can look chalky because they have too much wax and not enough pigment.


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