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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Art Demo Of Paper, Brushes, Pallet Carol Ann Henstra

My hardest To do this I will admit this.  I did get brave and say. If I love art. Then don't  sit back and not try.

If I don't try how will I ever know if I got where  I  did.
Age should not be the issue being 72.  Age is just the beginning of something you  knew could be possible.

I like what  this group does in all kinds of entries.. I like what I see that they do 

and for me it is encouraging.  I thank the ones who have made suggestions as well to me.   


  1. Carol, I am glad you are being courageous and drawing with us here. And you are right, age is NOT an issue. You and I are the same age! I'll be 73 in June! ;-) My life has only gotten more artistic/creative since I turned 65. Been flying high ever since! Love your bright red paint set! Nicely done!!! And I see lots more fun art pouring forth from it in the coming months and themes here!

  2. We are not getting old, we are evolving. LOL. Keep on painting Carol Ann. I will be 70 this July. Welcome!

  3. Carol, I agree with Lynn...age is NOT an issue! I know for sure that the older I get the more creative I want to be. I like the vibrancy of your go, girl!

  4. Yes age is but a number......that's all I have to say, tee hee. Your palette looks like it is waiting for you. Go for it Sparkle. Enjoy and have fun.

  5. Sparkle, so glad you're here! You are so right, we need to go for it and have a wonderful time creating. Don't worry about what anyone thinks. At 57 I may be the youngster here, but I just got started with art a couple of years ago after putting it on the back burner most of my life. Our later years often have much more free time to chase these dreams. I look forward to seeing more art from your palette! :)

  6. Carol keep going! I like your series of sketches and paintings here. They are colorful and filled with character. :)

  7. Love that bright red pain box.

  8. You are showing us some good, interesting sketches and paintings Carol, and I admire you for working at it - practice makes perfect, and we will see you getting better each time you post. I love the pink of the paintbox and the way you have painted the paint pans and the colour testing paper.

  9. Carol, I think those words are important for all of us to remember - "If I love art, then don't sit back and don't try" - I know I need to remember that all the time. So yes! Do what you love! And it will give delight. Which this does, with its delightful bright colors and good sentiment :)


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