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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last Day for theme "Away From Home", "Musicians in Davis, CA" Lynn Cohen

I am segueing from one theme into the next. Today is our last day of drawing "Away From Home".
My husband and I traveled up the highway to Davis, CA, 20 miles from home last Friday night to the Davis Art About. We stopped to listen to these musicians in front of a small boutique there. My husband used to teach with the guy singer/guitar player. I sat and drew the musicians.

Tomorrow we being a new them about "Humans and How They Spend Their Time" and/or "Art Supplies", two themes suggest by Elisa Choi. She and I agreed we could combine the two. So you have wide scope on what to draw next. (April 16-April 30).

Thanks for all your wonderful contributions of art these past two weeks, and since the blog began just a few short months ago. I enjoy each and every one. And I especially enjoy the wonderful camaraderie we have as a group of artists here.

I used one of my many new pens for this picture.


  1. Great live sketch, Lynn, and a good introduction to the next theme. I look forward to it.

  2. Great sketch of the musicians. Her boots are great! You find such fun places to draw people. This has been a fun theme. Maybe we need to do a Part II somewhere down the road. I still have lots of vacations to share. LOL

    1. We can surely return to this theme at some time in the future Joan. I too have not run out of vacation times to share. As to where I draw I guess one could say I just keep going to fun places and I draw everywhere I go! ;-) I think you do too.

  3. I like this combination of themes, Lynn, and your composition, and as always your rendering of people. You really see them! (And their fun clothes :) )

    1. Thanks Margaret. Yes, the clothes do catch my eye! I love the gals on the right cowgirl boots, jean skirt and I think boiled wool jacket. He had an old faded Hawaiian shirt on, the gal in the middle more simple in black pants and sweater, a pretty rose/burgundy colored blouse underneath.

  4. Nice job Lynn. Love the western outfit with boots. :)


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