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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Humans and Their Activities", "Hospital Day", Lynn Cohen


Yesterday, my husband underwent surgery to repair two hernias. It was supposed to be a quick in and out procedure/surgery. We got there at 9 a.m. and were not released until 10 p.m. I did and he did a lot of waiting. I drew the people in the waiting area while I was waiting in the morning pre and post surgery. On Thursday you can see the whole series on my Getting My Feet Wet Blog, as I filled 8 pages in my art journal while WAITING. It gave me something to do and helped pass the time more comfortably. Drawing is very meditative for me. So I was able to stay very relaxed. Today we are home recuperating together.
Life is good.

I drew with a Copic black ink pen 03 and colored with Primacolor Premier Colored Pencils


  1. Great drawing Lynn. Good to have had something to do whilst waiting, I find the time goes better...not necessarily quickly but at least when you are busy drawing you don't have time sitting on your shoulders so much. Here's to you and hubby and hope he is feeling as though he is on the road to recovery.....ann :-)

    1. Thanks Ann. We got home very late last night around ten pm. So we are both zonked today. I cancelled all appointments with clients and am playing nurse-maid and napping. Drawing at the hospital was awesome. Helped pass the time and fill my art journal as the same time.

  2. I hope he is recovering nicely! Glad you had something to do while you waited...super sketch of the people! Doing sketching while you wait does help to make the time pass. I'll be looking for the sketches on your blog.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend your time waiting. I need to follow your lead and not be shy about drawing in public. I am enjoying following your Sketchbook Skool activities at your blog, and I love how you used the colored pencil (right?) here!
    Hope you are both doing fine after your operations.

  4. Waiting in hospitals can be so tedious! Glad you had your drawing to keep you occupied. :)

  5. I know just how you feel about waiting rooms, and thank goodness for sketching. I do hope all goes well for both of you. In addition there is the worrying as well as the waiting, and that adds to the tiredness. I like the sketch so much, you have those two on the left just right as they chatter away, while tubby chap just zones out. Off to blood clinic with Dev now, but not sure if I'll get any sketching done.


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