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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Humans and their activities, At the River by Melisa McCurley

I haven't been out of the house today so I sketched from a photo. This is part of one of the photos from this week's WDE at I just bought this little blank paperback moleskine notebook to keep in my car because I keep forgetting to bring a sketchbook when I go out. This is the notebook with thin paper and doesn't take watercolor well, so I added one of my little junk mail dots for color. I use them in my art journal a lot but I've been neglecting the journal for the sketchbook, lately.


  1. Melisa, excellent sketch!!! Before I scrolled all the way down I though he was playing soccer...same pose. I keep a sketchbook, pencil, eraser, pen and small watercolor set in the pocket in the back of one of the seats in my car. That way I'm pretty sure I can sketch almost anytime.

  2. This is lovely Melisa. Really like that you added the collage dot too.

  3. This is excellent Melissa. I too thought of soccer ball.

  4. Sweet, visions of a summers day!

  5. a fun sketch and i really like the creativity you've put with the circle dots!

  6. Lovely, Melisa! What interesting lines! (This reminds me of me, always stepping in water when I was a kid)

  7. you draw people so well. this is really good.


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