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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Human Beings and how they spend their time, Putting Course, Jez Eden

Another sketch from Tuesday.  I stood against the railings of the Pier over-looking the Putting Course.  Everyone moved so quickly, they seemed to be on a mission - walk over, put the ball down and hit it, then on to the next position.

It looks a little better with some colour added at home.


  1. Hey Jez,
    Very nice with color. My computer would not connect yesterday for some reason.

    1. Thank you Sparkle. I'm sorry I can't help with connecting problems. You should contact Lynn and she will help to guide you.

  2. Good sketch of so many people. The good part is they all do the same moves over and over!

  3. Plus a couple of moves I had to invent when I was halfway through. Thanks for your comment too.

  4. I can see all the action that was happening here. You were so good to have tackled a subject like this Jez. Love it.

  5. Love the guy leaning on his club. Yes, color brought it to life. But the pencil sketch was good too. Fun activity caught in great action!

  6. Thank you Ann and Lynn. It was a pen drawing Lynn, I almost always work directly with a pen.

  7. I like all these little people and their positions! What a good idea to look out over a large area and sketch the people!

  8. Great scene of all the putters, Jez!


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