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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Human Beings And How They Spend Their Time, Reading by Joan Tavolott

Here is my last sketch for this theme. I did this from a photo I took in Roussillon, France a few years ago. The man was so into the newspaper while all his friends were talking around him.


  1. This is so nice, Joan! Love his expression, and the newspaper, and the shading on his shirt.

  2. How funny that he just read while everyone talked around him. I love hearing the stories around all these sketches!

  3. i love this, you are so talented. i had no idea you are an artist.

  4. He looks very pleased with his news. Maybe it is more interesting than his friends, LOL. I don't know how he can read with people talking, though. I get so distracted by the noise.

  5. Glad you caught him in this act of being so absorbed. You did it so well. Wasn't this a fun theme too?

  6. Thanks everyone! I enjoyed this theme...between the art supplies and the people it was fun!


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