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Monday, April 21, 2014

Human Beings and How They Spend Their Time, Dog-walking, Jez Eden

Dog-Walking - Jez Eden
Apologies, the photo has come out very dark.

A temporary hoarding was put up opposite to us to screen building work and as security for materials and equipment.  The 'Max Speed' notice was completely ignored by delivery vehicles as they swung into the gateway.

I noticed this man walking his dog approaching the sign, and grabbed a black pen and red ballpoint.  I don't think he was going at 5 mph, but it seemed pretty quick as I tried to sketch him.  The colour was added later with coloured pencils.


  1. Great sketching for such short time. I could never do that.

  2. Jez, you did a great work sketching him so quickly. I doubt if I could do it.

  3. Oh, we have a new theme and I am so behind! You got him in quick, quick, quick and it looks great!

  4. Nice catch, Jez! I am impressed and inspired. I love how you got him and his dog and they have matching outfits!

  5. Bravo on what had to be a very quick sketch! So well done! You Rock!

  6. Very good Jez, well done in sketching this as it happened :-)

  7. Oh, how cute....they have matching jackets. Nice quick sketch!

  8. very quick sketch jez and what a nice output.. and fun observation too!

  9. Great sketch. He seemed to have a heavy foot there at a fast pace. Great job.


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