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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Human beings and how they spend their time, Ballina by Elaine (jaguarish)

I've just been away for a week on a family holiday, so this post also fits the previous theme, Time Away from Home!  :)

We drove south from Brisbane along the east coast of Australia intending to meet up with friends from Sydney at a halfway point between us where we'd booked camping spots.  Unfortunately we smelled trouble after about 4 hours and had to be towed back to the nearest big town, Ballina (losing a gain of an hour's driving!!!)  Luckily it is a really beautiful town and we enjoyed our 3 day wait for car repairs.  Below is a sketch of the Richmond River mouth (just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean) where a group of people were having a surf lesson.  While I watched, a kayak also set out and cruised around in the area, a speedboat zipped by in the deeper water, and on the beach, people enjoyed walking their dogs.


  1. I'm so glad that even though you got delayed with car trouble, you found a wonderful place to spend your time. This is lovely of all the people being so active. Nicely done!

  2. What a beautiful page you've made here. All the little elements are wonderful, and the general calm and beauty of the scene is too.

  3. Lovely sketch, and it is difficult when everything is moving so quickly, so you have captured it perfectly. Lovely colours, and it looks so fresh.

  4. Lovely sketch, I can feel the atmosphere of summer and the beach. Great perspective here, and full of movement. It's not easy to draw this kind of view when people and things are moving so quickly. You've achieved it perfectly.

  5. Great sketch of all the beach action Elaine. Glad you had a good time there and hope your motor got sorted okay.

  6. Wonderful activities seen here in action which fits perfectly for the current theme as well! ;-) Glad most of your trip proved as successful as this drawing shows.

  7. You got a wonderful time with water activities, Elaine!


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