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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Human Beings and How they Spend Their Time, Our Moment, by Mia

"The spring sun, the song of birds, awakening nature. 
Peace, presence, trust. 

One moment I was the little girl, who was the great dreams. 
Now those dreams have come true. 

This is how I love to spent my time, with my dearest one. 

Yesterday we have so wonderful moment, just enjoyed the warmth of sun and birds singing. First greens pushed up and Akon of course enjoyed that.

For a moment I returned to the memories of childhood when I dreamed for own horse, and now I have it. Incredible happy feeling. 

Made with marker and water-soluble colored pencils (I sketched this first with pencil). I don't like colored pencils because I feel like I don't know how to use them. But I decided to practice more.


  1. I used to love horses as a young teenager and this brings back happy memories for me.

  2. This is beautiful Mia. Such a wonderful time to spend with your horse - love your painting.

  3. This is lovely!!! I really like how you showed the tenderness between them. Great job on sketching both of them!

  4. This is a beautiful drawing/painting. Glad you made your dream come true!

  5. I love this dreamlike drawing! Sweet story too. I give you A+ in your use of the colored pencils! something I'm just now being taught to use at Sketchbook Skool by Koosje Koene from Amsterdam. They are not easy, but others there have blended colors with amazing results.

  6. oh Mia this is lovely you and the horse and you use your color's well. I am just a beginner in here. I have sure allot to learn.

  7. Thank you so much Linda, Ann, Joan, Margaret, Lynn and Carole! It's so wonderful to get such supportive comments! <3


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