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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time away from Home by Bonnie McBride
I painted a few postcards while in Maiu, I will post some of my favorites here from time to time
this is sunset on charlie young beach


  1. How I'd love to be on this beach and see this sunset! Lovely!

  2. Bonnie, that's a lovely impressive sky at sunset. Lovely colors and feel to this. I'm ready to sit and watch as it changes. Thanks for sharing a bit of your Hawaii trip with us.

  3. Hi BonArt. It looks like a beautiful beach. I can see myself sitting there right by that tree. Great job and your colors fit right in.

  4. My friend used to call this a Penny Pink sky! LOL. I used to live on Oahu on the Ala Wai Canal near Waikiki and the skies truly do look like this. You captured it beautifully. Penny StewArt

  5. Beautiful painting! Colors work well together!


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