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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time Away From Home, Roaring Fork River, by Rob Kulas

While vacationing in Tennessee I had the opportunity to sketch and paint at some beautiful locations.
I did this one while sitting on a large boulder next to the Roaring Forge River.
About 4x6 using Pitt Artist Pens in a Strathmore sketchbook.

Roaring Forge River
Pitt Artist Pens
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  1. I love the white pen used for the water highlights. The contrast is perfect. I can see the foam.

  2. You are a very skilled painter. Love the white lines that make the water flow over those awesome rocks.

  3. As every time, I love your painting now too! They are really beautiful!

  4. Beautiful!!! I can almost here the sound of the water moving past those rugged rocks!

  5. Very beautiful and lively!

  6. what a beautiful drawing Rob. almost look like a painting! :)


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