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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Away from Home "Balai Laiya" by Elisa Choi

sketched from photo in pen and watercolor

We have many beaches in our country but so far I have only visited two. Above is Balai Laiya located at Batangas Philippines. My bf and I went there for a day trip in the past few years and well.. I just watched him swim. I sat by the sand while the water played with my feet. I don't like and don't know how to swim but I really like the sea. :)


  1. The beach and sea look great in your painting. I mostly also like to sit and see the sea, not be on or in it!

  2. That looks like such a peaceful spot that you sketched. I like sitting by the water even in the winter. There is just something about how it makes you feel.

  3. You have captured the warm lazy feel of that lovely deserted beach, so peaceful with no-one else around.

  4. I like this scene, and the two lonely flags blowing in the wind!

  5. I like the spatters on the sandy beach. And the clouds. Looks like a storm is coming.

  6. This is such a tranquil scene. And the paint splatter just makes the sand look like sand. What a brilliant idea! I can hear the waves too.

  7. A really nice beach painting. Very inviting.

  8. This looks such a peaceful resort, love your painting.


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